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The Ferrari 612 GTO is a concept car unreal by a German automobile deviser. Sasha Selipanov came up with the line of a 612 GTO a few period position but the car never went into production. It seems that the manufacturers of the world-famous caretaker not arrogated respond of this conception. The Ferrari 612 GTO has managed to pull a lot of attention and is being referred to as the somebody Ferrari construct soil escort. The fact that the designer has never worked in the program division of…

This extraordinarily beautiful super car is called Ferrari 612 GTO. The creator of this concept – Sasha Selipanov from Berlin, Germany. Concept Ferrari 612 GTO by Sasha

Bugatti Veyron Diamond Word's Most Expensive Car: on sale for £ 2 million – 2x as much as the real thing. Liverpool-based designer Stuart Hughes took two months to create the intricate 1:18 scale model in partnership with Swiss luxury model car maker Robert Gulpen. Weighing in at 7kg, it has been created with platinum, solid 24ct gold, and a 7.2ct single cut flawless diamond on its front grill. The 10 inch car also boats functional steering and a highly detailed engine. Limited edition of 3.

This is the world's most expensive model car. The Bugatti Veyron Diamond Ltd. on sale for 2 million pounds--twice as much as the real thing. It weighs and was created in platinum, solid gold and a single flawless diamond on its front grill.