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A Day At The Beach: Photographing Seaside Landscapes

Photographing Seaside Landscapes poses a number of problems. There's wind, sand, and water to contend with. Here are some tips on tackling these challenges.

Small World Pictures

One of my favourite threads in the dPS forums from the last few months is one titled ‘forum post. Have you ever taken any small world photos?

Tip: Shoot from different angles. Your mobile camera is small for a reason, so get creative! Take photos of your subject from several different angles—try shooting from above, below, inside, or outside. Watch your light source and shadows as you move around and use them to help add more dimension to your photos. Keep your mind open, experiment, and, who knows, you may find that your go-to perfect shot can be improved!

Nothing can take the pep out of your stride when running like a muscle injury. Pain in your adductor muscles, or groin area, during or after a run can.