4030 Oyster™ by Caesarstone - Oyster is a mid grey shade with darker toned quartz chips blended to create a natural looking surface.

Organic White™

All bathroom & laundry tops - Caesarstone Organic White™

White Shimmer™

3142 White Shimmer™ by Caesarstone - White Shimmer has a fine grained, white background featuring ultra fine mirror chips. This design reflects the trend towards more subtle features which can be highlighted using lighting or complementary materials.


2141 Snow™ by Caesarstone - Snow is a warm white with a finely textured grain. A highly popular and versatile shade, suitable for any modern interior.


Buttermilk™ uses new colour combining technologies to create a soft, warm and natural aesthetic. Combining a number of creamy tones, Buttermilk is subtly blended to create one of CaesarStone’s most natural looking organic designs.