This is an animation we have created with the technique of pixilation. The work is composed of only hands, because we wanted to remove the characteristics of.

Two Men Laying on the Ground Engage in a Brutal Stop-Motion Animated Karate Battle

This Stop Motion Superfight Will Have You Scratching Your Head [Video] - Is it up or down? This stop motion superfight has everyone’s heads twisted, and the choreography is insanely on point!

abstract thoughts stop motion animation drawing by RAEART

Death Grips: I've Seen Footage. One of my favorite acts from Coachella: this dude has unstoppable energy, and makes truly unique music. The album "Money Store" is available

A man in a coma is trapped inside his own painting. Between these four walls he tries to get back his concience by painting shreds of memories.

Death Grips have released a rather metaphysical short film, shot and directed by Zach Hill and Stefan Burnett themselves while staying at the Chateau Marmont.