Joseph Merrick's skeleton a.k.a The Elephant Man. 123 years after his death, scientists think they have narrowed down his condition; Neurofibromatosis type 1, or Proteus Syndrome

The secrets of the Elephant Man

Experts believe the bones of the Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick, could benefit medical science today.


vintage toys-My kids loved the Smurfs! We had birthday parties that were Smurf themed and halloween Smurf Costumes!

bill from mr squiggle - Google Search

Childhood Revisited: We Watched Blackboard Fuss At Mr Squiggle

The Big Banana ~ Coffs Harbour NSW  LOVE Red Rock which is just up the road but couldn't find any photos!

The Big Banana ~ Coffs Harbour NSW - Drove past does that count? Did the big Orange in SA too!