Dawn Lirazan

Dawn Lirazan

Melbourne / Just an ordinary girl! My Pinterest will be a collection of things I love, and that inspire me. I try to take as many of the photos myself, I like it that way :
Dawn Lirazan
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DIY candle packaging

The use of candles for light and heat is known to have existed in ancient times. The remains of candles have been found in the caves of France.

Soy Blend Candle in Earth {The Little Market}

Just in time for Earth Day! The "Earth" candle, now available at The Little Market.

Orange Blossom Vanilla scented soy candle in 12 oz by flamefibre, $16.00

Items similar to Tahitian Teakwood scented soy candle in 12 oz glass cube jar on Etsy

I think good scents in the home is really important!

Baxter of California ""Flammable"" Soy Wax Scented Candle White Wood 1 oz

PORRIDGE CANDLE PACKAGING by mikedrew.design, via Flickr

4 Backyard bouquet candles Gift ideas like these beautiful Backyard Bouquet candles just make scents! Choose from summer aromas like St. Augustine Grass, Backyard Sunset, or Lush Garden.