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Lemon and passionfruit slice

passion fruit merangue, heavenly recipes | This is a very decadent dessert, so my suggestion would be to make ...

passion fruit meringue pie

passion fruit meringue pie “It looks delicious and so beautiful for when one is entertaining. Love it! The post passion fruit meringue pie appeared first on The Comfortable Kitchen .

I am drooling: decadent coconut and passionfruit dessert.

Coconut and passionfruit self-saucing pudding

If I could get a hold of some passion fruit I would have tackled this recipe yesterday!   Passion fruit yoghurt cake with white chocolate drizzle

Passion fruit yoghurt cake with White chocolate drizzle

Passionfruit Slice

Passionfruit cheescake slice This slice has a coconut base and a tangy cheesecake topping swirled with real passionfruit pulp.

Passion Fruit / granadilla Cheesecake Tart. Use ginger biscuits instead of graham crackers

Passion Fruit Cheesecake Tart

Ripe passion fruit has a dark purple color and slightly dimpled appearance, and is heavy for its size. Showcase its spicy-sweet flavor with this dessert recipe from TV chef Thomas Joseph.

Jack's Granadilla (passion fruit) Cake

The cake in this picture is made with double the quantities in the recipe below. If you double up the recipe, it will take around 45 min.

Granadilla Meringue Tart on ww.nomu.co.za

NOMU is an original South African food and lifestyle concept by Tracy Foulkes.

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