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Debbie Brooket
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Wind energy on farms. It's so hot in South Australia they need to put fans outdoors.

Where To Find The Best Green Energy Products And Information. Maybe you've heard of green energy, but you do not know what it is all about. If you are interested to know more about green energy technology, then you ar

Thorium - untapped potential due to government interference.

Thorium-fueled liquid flouride reactors would produce 300 times more electric power per unit of fuel than the light-water uranium reactors we now use.

With the advantages of thorium made obvious, it is clear why India has decided to go with it as its domestic electricity

History: Wait, what? This really happened?

Nuclear power accounts for 5.7% of the world’s energy and 13% of the world’s electricity. Uranium, used in nuclear power, is a relatively clean source of energy that does not...

Nuclear power is a clean energy source that will be used well into the future to help meet the world’s growing energy requirements. In this infographic, Visual Capitalist highlights uranium’s history, properties and fundamentals moving forward.

BREAKING NOW:Nucular Radioactive America !!

Storax Sedan shallow underground nuclear test by the United States, used for a cratering experiment. The main purpose of the detonation was to asses the non military dimension of a nuclear explosion.

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We might be able to solve our energy woes by raping the earth of Thorium.