Loading the dishwasher

Great Start > Loading the dishwasher

Getting ready for bed

Getting ready for bed is a wonderful opportunity

Loading the dishwasher

Great Start > Loading the dishwasher

Is it bin night?

What time of the day does your bin get emptied? Is it early in the morning while you are still in bed or later

Read my shirt

Have you ever noticed how much writing there is on clothing?

Great Start > Packing your bag

When children go to childcare, kindergarten or school they will take a bag with them.

Sorting the washing ready to wash

Often when you go to do the washing you will have a large basket of dirty clothing, towels, or sheets that need to be

Great Start > Cleaning your teeth

Cleaning our teeth is something that we do at least once every day. Some families have a routine of cleaning their teeth after every

Washing your hands

Great Start > Washing your hands


Establishing regular routines and ways for completing tasks helps them to be involved in the everyday activities

Putting your shoes and socks on

Shoes and socks sometimes need to go on quickly, but when you have a few extra minutes putting on shoes and socks can be

Packing up the toys

Packing up time can be turned into a fun learning experience when you and your child share the task together.