Baby obstacle course

If your baby has started to crawl, this game will challenge them and introduce them to lots of textures.

Exploring junk mail

There’s something in the letterbox! Junk mail that arrives in your letterbox might look like rubbish to you, but

Make your own playdough

This is an excellent play dough recipe which is fun to make and never fails to provide amusement on a rainy afternoon!

Treasure baskets for babies

Treasure baskets are wonderful ways for babies or children to explore sensory materials.

Reading together

We read signs, recipes, information on packets and tins, bus timetables and menus.

Playing with balls

Playing with balls outside provides children with the opportunity to catch and throw, roll and kick, push, punch and chase after the ball.

Treasure hunt

Treasure hunts can be fun. Hide some sort of treasure - it doesn’t matter what. It could be a small gift or a message with

Playing with playdough

Playing with playdough is a wonderful opportunity to creatively explore what objects can be made but also to engage in pretend play.

Writing a letter or card

I am grateful for the actions of our grandparents to help me keep parenting in perspective! The grandparents teach me to be a better parent.