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an octopus is in the center of a mosaic
Decorative Painting—Gallery—Murals—Tromp l'oeil Pompeii Floor Mosaic
aquatic mosaic in pompeii.
an octopus with blue and black spots on it's body sitting on a rock
Blue ringed Octopus. No touching.
a jellyfish in the dark with its head turned to look like it is floating
Translucent Pelagic octopus - Chris Newbert @ & National Geographic
The translucent Pelagic Octopus
an octopus with blue and white rings on it's body
I'm blue by Klaus Wiese / 500px
Just Chillin' in the cool blue!
an old vase on display in a museum
The Ancient World
Archaeological Museum in Herakleion. Minoan clay bottle showing an Octopus ( 1500 B.C.E.)
a blue and white octopus sitting on top of rocks
Laena (Hapalochlaena sp)
Blue-ringed octopus by Digidiverdave on Flickr.
an orange and blue octopus sitting on top of rocks
Blue Ring Octopus
an orange octopus with tentacles on it's back
Polypus levis Hoyle (male) - Port Gazelle, Keguelen
Polypus levis Hoyle (male) - Port Gazelle, Keguelen by peacay, via Flickr
an old book with chinese writing on it and an octopus in the water next to it
24. Smaller Collections - The Schoyen Collection
Nittoh Guiofu: Gensen Kanda, On Japanese Fish
an octopus is in the middle of a painting
[Octopoda ]
Artist: Victor Hugo (yes, that Victor Hugo). circa 1866.
an octopus attacking a man in a boat
The Bakery (CCThrom, Blackcherry, Arttorney)
the octopus week poster is shown in red and green, with an octopus on it's back
Seattle Aquarium
The poster for Seattle Aquarium's Octopus Week is so wonderful!!!
a painting of a woman holding an octopus
octopus girl
an octopus is sitting on top of some old cameras and tape recorders, which are attached to cords
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