white bathroom

Putting together the house of my dreams

this towel storage tower is what I would like to the right of the shower (when you are facing it). On the back side I would like drawer cabinets, toilet side. We would take the space from the too wide shower to add this new wall of storage

Area de serviço pequena e escondida

8 Stylish Solutions For Small Spaces

Inspiration : du bois dans la salle de bain

Inspiration : du bois dans la salle de bain

Cuarto de lavado y planchado con estilo romántico

Lavaderos con aire romántico

Pick the perfect cabinets for your laundry room. Find inspiration from these varieties of styles, colors, and designs Find and save ideas about small laundry rooms.

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Desk Organization Ideas - 6 Easy Ways You Can Organize Your Desk To Make It More Inviting // Use your wall as an additional storage space.