Sansevieria.  Also known as mother-in-laws tongue or snake plant,  Any of a genus (Sansevieria) of tropical perennial herbs of the agave family with showy mottled sword-shaped leaves usually yielding a strong fiber. Frequently used as house plant.  Tolerant of neglect, but will rot if over watered.

white concrete planters and sanseveria, Mother-in law's tongue plant (tropical/houseplant)

CHIC COASTAL LIVING: Beach House: Get The Look

Floriday Keys Beach House Essentials by Hanging Rattan Chair, Montauk Pillow, Bungalow Mirror, Jute Rug.

Walkway Paving Materials Tropical Landscaping Z Freedman Landscape Design Venice, CA

Z Freedman Landscape Design Venice, CA This walkway was paved with a series of stone slabs surrounded by tumbled rocks.

Gorgeous!  Surrounding the cycad  tropical plant is a chartreuse succulent.  from Martha's garden of course.

Not really completed -- a squirrel pulled up my cycad and ate the roots. Potted Cycad in Martha's garden - Surrounding the cycad is a chartreuse succulent. I potted the cycad seedling I grew in a square pot. Summers it can sit in a bed of Sedum acre.


Plunge pool turns into an aesthetic delight in this contemporary landscape [Design: BLADE Landscape Design]

Photo of a concrete house exterior from real Australian home - House Facade photo 1571662

House facade ideas

Tropical pathway

An artful walkway Geometric steppingstones crossing a small pool give the illusion of walking on water. A piece of art tucked amid greenery at the end of the path treats visitors to a visual surprise

mandevilla: potted deck corner

Mandevilla, climbing plant - They are very hardy in the hot temperatures of summer, love the sun, an grow like crazy. Annual here in zone 8 but overwinter indoors well

Bowl of fire, concrete pavers

38 Ideas for Firepits

A "floating" bench and a fire bowl, which landscape architect Russ Cletta created from a colored concrete planter, make up the new living space. Blue bamboo helps screen dining area and guest-house. Mondo grass grows between pavers.