photo © Natalia Vial

Casa El Pangue by Elton+Léniz Architects in Chile

A contemporary firepit

Built by Tóth Project Architect Office in Kapuvár, Hungary with date Images by Tamás Bujnovszky. It is always a big challenge to design a house of the lake-shore.


A Grand Idea

An inspiring Sydney terrace house featuring a wealth of intelligent and bespoke systems has pushed the boundaries of residential design to win a 2014 Sustainability Award.


This Beautiful, Terrifying House Is Literally Inside a Cliff

Casa Brutale Cliffside Concept by OPA: Billed as "a geometrical translation of the landscape" and "an uncladded statement on the simplicity and harmony of contemporary architecture," OPA pr.

HASSELL | Projects - University of Adelaide Learning Hub

Extensive consultation occurred between HASSELL, the University, workplace environment strategists and key stakeholders with approximately 30 workshops held over eight weeks. HASSELL also consulted

Dupli House By Architect Jurgen Mayer H.

Dupli Casa by J. Mayer H. Architects Designed by Germany-based J. Mayer H. Architects, ‘Dupli Casa’ is a modern villa near Ludwigsburg that features sleek sculptural and futuristic.

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