5 Plant-Based Foods That Aren’t In the Produce Aisle: Those who choose plant-based dining aren’t stuck with just fruits and vegetables. Look for these 5 plant-derived foods in the.

Stressed, Sick, and Tired? How to Nourish Your Metabolism Back to Health - Butter Believer

Recently, inflammation has become the only thing people talk about, because it is the main cause for many different diseases from acne to Alzheimer’s and from digestive problems to obesity.

Gut sensitivities can affect many of us daily. In addition to bloating, cramping,constipation or diarrhoea, FODMAP’s can create symptoms outside of your gut

Many people that think they have a gluten intolerance may have a completely different issue altogether. Gluten has become an “inflammatory” subject for many

Sleep is important for many reasons which include good health and longevity. Not enough sleep may even cause weight gain.

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Are you worried about the effects coffee may be having on your health? Here are 8 health benefits of coffee that are backed by science.

Countless studies have suggested that increasing consumption of naturally-grown foods like mushrooms decreases the risk of obesity and overall mortality.

Ditch Gluten to Improve Your Brain, Gut and Skin Most people associate gluten sensitivity issues with digestive problems such as Celiac disease and irritable bowel syndrome. While gluten does have a very negative effect on the …

Low testosterone can lead to poor muscle mass development, increased body fat stores, compromised athletic performance, reproductive issues and low libido.

Is chronic stress slowly killing you? Everyone is under stress as they pursue their life endeavors. Find out how to eliminate stress - naturally.

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