Watercolor Lessons - Paint a Rose - Free Demonstration by Doris Joa

How to paint a rose - Watercolor Rose Demonstrations-Step-by-Step

Hummingbird Original Watercolor Painting Bird Art

Hummingbird Original Watercolor Painting Bird Art

Hummingbird image by Si Scott. Great Tattoo Idea

Hummingbird Print by Si Scott. Si Scott is a graphic designer and illustrator who is the driving force behind the UK-based Si Scott Studio.

by Anne Duke

This is the kind of work that I think would be very good to promote drawing classes. "In a Vase Painting by Anne Duke - In a Vase Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale"

Gray Heron

Fifty shades of Gris / Gray Heron - we pass one of these on our way to work most mornings. My honey honey always stops because he knows how much I love to watch the heron.

Claude Monet - Misty Mornings on the Seine, 1891

Misty Morning on the Seine ~ Claude Monet. You may think Monet painted the same picture but notice how the light is different. He waited until the light changed and painted the same part of the river.

All Thumbs Crafts: Faux Stained Glass

All Thumbs Crafts: Faux Stained Glass: from the website: cleaned the glass off first with rubbing alcohol. Then added a drop or two of alcohol ink at a time and then sprooshed it with the canned air.