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Pacer - chief of the Kiowa-Apache tribe. The Kiowa-Apache, or Plains Apache, as far back as there is any record or knowledge, have functioned as a band of the Kiowa tribe, though they speak a completely unrelated language. Sign language was the primary means of communication between the two tribes. Aside from linguistic differences, the Kiowa-Apaches were practically indistinguishable from the Kiowa proper, except they remained peaceful, never going to war. The tribe never numbered more than…

Essa-queta (better known as Pacer) Pacer was the leader of the KIOWA APACHE tribe. Actually, Pacer was part of the peace faction and kept the main group of Kiowa Apaches on the reservation during the Red River War of

Very old Barn -

One of the early stone and slab cottages remaining in the Berrima district, Australia. Eucalyptus trees provided the early settler with abundant large straight slabs to use vertically or horizontally in the wall construction of his slab hut. The roof was


A rangy juniper reworked in a half-day refinement session at the Weyerhaeuser collection in Federal Way, Washington. This tree is a collected Sierra juniper grafted with shimpaku: