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an advertisement for the flying car with three women in it
Science Fiction: Earth's repair manual? - ABC listen
Science Fiction: Earth's repair manual? - Future Tense - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)
two people standing next to a giant snake
22 Reasons Why Design Was More Awesome In The '80s
They may have been way more advanced back then. Disclaimer: if you don't love unicorns and rainbows, you might be inclined to disagree.
two women in costumes are sitting on a couch and one woman is looking at the camera
th' High-Strung & Knife-Happy Hillbilly Blues Revue
Bread & Circus, born-again, bumper and fender Burlesque of sex and death... #PsycheCostume
Rêve de fer
Rêve de fer
Lady, Burlesque, Space Fashion, Space Outfit, Space Girl, Retro Futuristic
Woman in space costume
an illustration of a man laying in a hospital bed
Computopia, a circa 1969 vision of the future from Japan
a woman in a white top and black skirt posing for the camera with her hands behind her head
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Blake's 7 Posters - Personal Stock Clearout
two people sitting on couches in front of some chairs
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the cover to spacemen's year book
Spacemen 1965 yearbook
a book cover for starblazer with an image of a robot
StarBlazer 21
the cover to terra astral magazine, featuring two men in green suits and plants
Terra Astra
a giant robot standing on the side of a road
The Electric State - Simon Stålenhag's New Narrative Artbook
The Electric State - Simon Stålenhag's New Narrative Artbook by Fria Ligan — Kickstarter