A Country Club Home

In Denver’s Historic Country Club, this renovated home was completely re-landscaped except for a few mature trees. The home’s connection with the outdoor living…
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an outdoor living area with couches, tables and grilling oven in the background
Outdoor living space design
A simple and inviting dining and seating terrace for entertainment and leisure.
a brick wall with a fountain surrounded by flowers
Custom Small Fountain Design
A custom water feature’s soothing sound is the audio of the outdoor dining space.
a brick house with grass in front of it and a garage door on the other side
Driveway design with grass strip detail
A detail of the driveway lined with a grass strip.
a large brick house sitting on top of a lush green field
Front yard curb appeal
Another view of the home’s curb appeal with Anthony Waterer Spirea and other assorted perennials.
a backyard with lawn, chairs and trees
Outdoor seating area in outdoor living space
An inviting seating area placed at the end of the yard is an ideal place to sit and admire the manicured landscape.
a garden with white flowers and greenery
Clean landscape planting bed design
Hydrangeas, creeping thyme and White Vinca create seasonal and visual rhythm to the planting bed.
a planter filled with flowers sitting on top of a brick wall
Summer Flower Pot Arrangement
An assorted arrangement of annual plants cap the clinker brick retaining wall. Flower pot design; container pot design
a brick building with two lanterns on the outside and grass in the front yard behind it
Buff cut flagstone landscape pathway
At the entrance to the house, the buff cut flagstone path harmonizes with the creeping thyme and Lodense Privet that border it.
a large brick house surrounded by lush green trees and shrubbery in front of it
Landscape Curb Appeal
The view from the sidewalk of this home's landscape curb appeal reflects the traditional charm of the neighborhood.