Southwestern Landscape

This adobe style home and landscape was built with a close eye on conservation. Natural stone walls and boulders effectively soften the sloped yard creating a meandering path through the native grass and colorful xeric plantings to the courtyard entry. The courtyard wall opens to an oasis filled with colorful perennials, the tranquil sounds of water, the warming glow of a fire, and plenty of patio space for entertaining.
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an outdoor fire pit surrounded by plants and trees
Southwestern fire pit and water feature
The waterfalls off the master bedroom creates the tranquil sound of sleeping next to a mountain stream. The hillside displays hand-selected art and sculptures from around the world.
a fire pit in the middle of a garden with rocks and flowers around it at dusk
Southwestern courtyard
A fire pit and water feature are highlights of the courtyard.
an adobe style house with flowers in the front yard and garden path leading to it
Courtyard gate
Inside the courtyard walls, the gardens are an integral part of the house. The perennial gardens here consist of Shasta daisies, Moonshine yarrow, hollyhocks, dianthus, scabiosa, and catmint.
an outdoor garden with flowers and plants on the walkway to a building that is made out of red clay
Southwestern gate entrance
This tapestry of perennial color consists of several varieties of penstemon with catmint, Abbottswood potentilla and yarrow. This low-maintenance and water wise landscape provides color and texture throughout the summer.
an adobe - style house with colorful flowers and plants in the foreground, near a rock wall
Perennial garden bed
This perennial grouping of yarrow, catmint, and penstemon with a combination of blue avena grass and switchgrass provides texture and color at the entrance of the courtyard.