Sometimes it’s great to get back to basics and this month I want to get back to the basics of washing the thermomix bowl. So let’s start: “Self Clean”: third fill the bowl with water and a couple drops of dish liquid and turbo blast a few times. Gets the bowl, blade and under the...

ThermoFun – Techie Tuesday – Tips on cleaning your bowl

ThermoFun – Techie Tuesday – Tips on cleaning your bowl - ThermoFun

Failsafe varoma chicken dumplings

Failsafe cooking with the Thermomix: Failsafe varoma chicken dumplings

Little Lush Cooks: FAILSAFE tiny teddies - DF and EF - low Gluten

My son's tolerance to gluten opens up a world of lovely things to incorporate in his diet - malt syrup for vitamin B, Oats for low GI.

Low Salicylae Felafels (chick pea patties)

Failsafe Felafels Ms C is on the Famine this weekend, she hasn& tried this one yet. But she& loitering in the kit.

Potato & Leek Soup

*GREEN* Potato and Leek Soup I've resisted this. I thought is didn't sound very appetising. I haven't changed my mind yet.

Thermomix Four Ingredient Scones

I've been making these four ingredient scones for a few years now and while it's always been quick and easy to put together, using a Thermomix makes it dangerously easy to have a batch of these little beauties in the oven in no time at all.

Thermomix Recipes: Meringues with Thermomix

Meringues with Thermomix - These were so good! I can't believe we got a tray full with just two egg whites either!

There is nothing worse than looking in the mirror and seeing a huge, red pimple staring back at you. But I've got good news for you -- I've come up with a failsafe pimple remedy that will get rid of them overnight. GUARANTEED.

The failsafe pimple remedy that really and truly WORKS. Use tea tree oil with Visine eye drops overnight, and wake up to clear skin!