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the candy lab how to braid a twizzlers candy lollipops
How to Make a Candy Lei Out of Twizzlers - The Candy Lei
some green leaves are hanging on a wire and next to a black wall with white trim
Ti Leaf Skirt demo
a pink and yellow necklace on a black mannequin headdress with bows
an orange and white beaded bracelet on a table
two necklaces with red and green beads are laying on the floor next to each other
the process for making candy leis is shown in four different pictures, including hands and beads
Candy Lei: A simple Graduation gift -
some orange and silver items on a table
a wreath made out of dollar bills on a blue cloth with an orange ribbon around it
a mannequin wearing a colorful candy scarf on it's neck and holding a chocolate bar in the shape of a wreath
HI-CHEW!!!...bless you!