Australia's Slot Canyons

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Slot canyons, Australia (Isn't this Argonath from Lord of the Rings? Slot Canyons look different.

VISIT Lake Hillier, Western Australia / yes, it's pink!

Lake Hillier, Middle Island, Australia Lake Hillier is a lake on Middle Island, the largest of the islands and islets that make up the Recherche Archipelago, Western Australia. It is particularly notable for its pink color.

Zebedee Thermal Springs, Western Australia.

Zebedee Thermal Springs, Western Australia - Scenic Hot Springs That Will Feed Your Soul And Your Wanderlust - Photos

Elephant Rocks, Denmark, Western Australia

Go Swim at Elephant Rocks in Denmark, Western Australia

Go Swim at Elephant Rocks in Denmark, Western Australia One of my favourite NP in the Southwest of Oz!

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Wolfe Creek Meteor Crater south of Kununnurra, Western Australia

Wolfe Creek Crater is a well-preserved meteorite impact crater in Western Australia. It is accessed via the Tanami Road 150 km south of the town of Halls Creek. The crater is central to the Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater National Park.