Quirky Cooking: Paprika Chicken with Creamy Paprika Sauce (an easy all-in-one Thermomix dinner)

Quirky Cooking: Paprika Chicken with Creamy Paprika Sauce (an easy all-in-one Thermomix dinner) - Lecker!

Silverside in the Varoma | Official Thermomix Recipe Community

Recipe Silverside in the Varoma by Tanya Brennan - Consultant, learn to make this recipe easily in your kitchen machine and discover other Thermomix recipes in Main dishes - meat.

Roast Chook Thermy Style! | Thermovixens

It was the Soy Sauce Chicken from the asian recipe book – she said it was beautiful and…

Check out the Domestic Diva's recipe for Failsafe Chinese #Dumplings and Chive Pancakes with Dipping Sauce - made with #Thermomix

Domestic Diva: Failsafe Chinese Dumplings and chive pancakes with dipping sauce. Includes dough recipe for dumplings.

Roast beef in Varoma

This is a great way to cook roast beef as the meat stays juicy from the steam cooking. It is excellent served with mashed potatoes, and green beans. (Source: UK Thermomix) Ingredients to b…

Best Roast Potatoes Ever - Thermomix

Recipe Best Roast Potatoes Ever by Katherine Clay - Natural Mamma - Recipe of category Main dishes - vegetarian

Post updated 20th January 2016 One of my favourite things to do (ok apart from making a recipe with chocolate!) is to make spice blends. Since owning my Thermomix I have experimented with so many different spice blends. They all taste so fresh and have no anti-caking agents. Hints and tips about dried herbs and...

Thermomix Spice Blends

Looking for ways to spice up your meals then thermomix spice blends are the perfect way to add some extra flavour or spice to an otherwise "normal" dinner!

Can't wait for spring and steamed Asparagus Bundles - see the #recipe for #Thermomix #Hollandaise at http://www.SuperKitchenMachine.com/2010/6509/thermomix-varoma-asparagus-recipe.html

Varoma Steamed Asparagus Bundles (with Hollandaise)

It's spring in the northern hemisphere and fresh local asparagus is everywhere! Why not bundle these into the Thermomix Varoma -- controlled steaming retains nutrients while enhancing texture, flavour, and that gorgeous green goodness we love so much.