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an artistic sculpture made out of red and white material on a black background in the shape of a woman's body
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The Dancing Brolga ...Bulerias Flamenco Guitar Stand
a sculpture made out of wood on top of a black background
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"Navajo Revelation".....The inspiration for this piece is came from observation of the carving process of water throughout the sandstone of Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Carved from Budgeroo an sandstone by Guy Breay
the sculpture is made out of wood and has white swirls on it's body
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Convergence......Carved Alabaster mounted on Budgeroo and Iron Bark
a piece of wood that looks like it has been carved to look like a tree stump
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Bushfire...carved from a Budgeroo tree stump by Guy Breay
an artistic sculpture is shown in the dark
"Tuff Going " ...Carved from Budgeroo by Guy Breay
a large piece of wood sitting on top of a wooden bench in a garage next to a bike
Southern Survivor 1 Cut outline from log
a wooden chair sitting on top of a metal stand in a room filled with wood
Southern Survivor 2 Mark & shape lines & planes, leave sections of contrasting natural wood
an old tree is being worked on in a shop with other woodworking supplies and tools
"Tuff Going " WIP 2
a wooden sculpture sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a pile of wood
Southern Survivor 3 Sanding to 400 grit completed
a chair made out of wood sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a bike
Southern Survivor 4 Piece ready for oil application & polishing with1000 grit steel wool.