The Paleo Diet: Right For Runners?

Why Paleo Diet Weight Loss is So Easy Once you do a little research into diets you will find that the Paleo diet weight loss results are quite amazing. The many testimonials that your read will make you want to join the Paleo diet movement right away.

Ross community garden shows healthy habits always in season

Each day, the landscape at Perrytown Place in Ross Township changes just a little, but lots of people are taking notice. Jocelyn Bracken's idea for her Girl Sco

Dear Pharmacist: Natural forms of omega 3 both safe and healthy

Using too many harsh chemicals in your skin care can be damaging. Instead, try natural essential oils for best results.

Weight loss and your bones: how to diet safety

Beat those bingo wings - for good!, Arm toning exercises to get rid of your bingo wings. Easy body toning exercises to tighten up your arm muscles

Men And Women Diet Differently: Why Men Choose To Stay Anonymous And Women Seek Support

How to reduce weight quicklyThe low-carb eating method is based on the theory that people who eat carbohydrates take in more calories and put on weight, while individuals on a high-fat diet plan eat less and lose weight.

Men And Women Diet Differently: Why Men Choose To Stay Anonymous And Women Seek Support

New research suggests greater differences in dietary preference among both sexes have their roots in the biological as well as social.

Diabetic diet can be daunting

Please take a moment to read my article on why buyers and sellers need to get pre approved rather than a simple pre qual. It solves many problems Im finding popping up these days. What do you think?

How Ironic, I Am Pre-Diabetic

Anderson and the American Diabetes Association believe that we need everyone to understand that diabetes is serious and that early screening and treatment play

Healthy Tips For Making Recipes Diabetes-friendly – Features

Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Feta by Taste. Watching your waistline has never been easier or tasted quite so good.

Do You Use a Fitness Tracker?

It wasn't too long ago that using technology as part of your fitness routine meant an odometer and maybe a spreadsheet. Though both of those are still useful, fitness trackers have come a long way.

Shine, the sleek fitness wearable, launches in Apple stores

Misfit’s Shine — the thumb-sized minimalistic activity tracker — is launching in Apple stores internationally.

How fitness gadgets and the cloud can reduce health care costs

As the cost of fitness- and health-monitoring gadgets go down, and ubiquitous cloud infrastructure makes data collection easy, there's a big opportunity to help

Cooking with heart healthy oils

9 Health Habits That Are A Waste Of Time - MSN Healthy Living - Health and Wellness.I think I'll stick to brushing twice a day, thanks.

Is your oil a healthy one?

Two types of oil — rice bran and canola — are fast gaining popularity amongst the health conscious.