Mediterranean Pasta Salad -- quick and easy to make, and tossed with a tasty lemon-herb vinaigrette |

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Now that the weather’s warming up, it’s high time for the season of picnics, grill-outs, and patio parties to begin! So to celebrate, I thought it was only appropriate to cool off some hot pasta.

The 5 minute salad. Elegant and budget friendly. #beets #beetroot #salad

Throw Together Salad #1: Rocket (Arugula), Beetroot, Walnuts and Feta w/Balsamic Dressing

Courgette salad

Courgette salad Ingredients 2 large courgettes tbsp olive oil tbsp lemon or lime juice tbsp clear honey tsp poppy seeds 1 small garlic clove , crushed salt and pepper , to taste

Mediterranean potato salad

Skip the mayo and go for a Mediterranean style olive oil dressing for warm new potatoes. Jazz them up with basil, Parmesan and sundried tomatoes

Feta & beetroot salad

Feta & beetroot salad Mint leaves Spinach leaves Beets Chillis Feta Spring onion Dressing: grape seed oil F Dijon mustard Lemon juice Honey

Heirloom beetroot & feta salad

A simple side salad of vibrant beets with salty feta cheese and a lemon vinaigrette: the combination of the feta, with the crunchy seeds is just perfect (didn't use heirloom beets though)

This raw courgette and fennel salad, with chilli, mint and ewe's-milk cheese…

Courgette and fennel salad recipe

This raw courgette and fennel salad, with chilli, mint and ewe's-milk cheese, is an easy side dish to whip up this summer

Zucchini Salad with Pine Nuts and Mint Recipe

Zucchini Salad with Pine Nuts and Mint

This zucchini salad uses ribbons of light and crunchy raw zucchini, which are perfect for soaking up the flavors of a vinaigrette.

Eén - Dagelijkse kost - mild gerookte schelpjes en gamba's op de barbecue met spaghetti

Weight Watchers Recepten (met Propoints of Telvrij/Groen logo): Scampi Diabolique

Asian Noodle Salad | Beef Recipes | Jamie Oliver Recipes

Fresh Asian noodle salad

Learn how to roast a pork belly with this delicious pork belly recipe from Jamie Oliver; the ultimate crowd pleaser with crackling and homemade gravy.