2011 Paintings and Monoprints | Elisabeth Cummings | King Street Gallery

Elisabeth Cummings, an Australian artist. I just watched an inspiring video about her and her work. My new favorite contemporary artist.

Landscapes and private views - Elisabeth Cummings  loved my workshop with Elisabeth... great works

Elisabeth Cummings is the subject of two exhibitions but the artist remains reluctant to talk about herself, writes Steve Meacham.

Elisabeth Cummings – New Paintings | Altmedia

One of Australia's most respected living artists, the national treasure incarnate that is Elisabeth Cummings is currently exhibiting the latest works of her 57

Maria Lassnig painting in her studio in Vienna, 1983, photographed by Michael Westermann

Maria Lassnig painting in her studio in Vienna, photographed by Michael Westermann

In/Out: Out/About: Elisabeth Cummings New Paintings

It’s an absolute treat to have the work of Elisabeth Cummings on display at the same time as the Aida Tomescu exhibition showcased here a little over a week ago.