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some gold plaques are laying on the cobblestone road
Stumbling blocks that scandalize
Stumbling Blocks – Over 40,000 stones laid across a number of European cities commemorating victims of the holocaust
three stacked blocks with the word oh written on them in cursive black ink
writtenwednesday | the art of confusion.
three pieces of cement with gold paint on them
Abstract Art, Artists, Ink, Street Art, Portraits, Canvas Art, Contemporary Art, Artwork
Can't-Miss New York Museum Shows in 2013
Gold Embossed Style Texture
gold bars are stacked on top of each other and being held by someone's hand
a black and gold marble topped table with metal legs, designed to look like a tree branch
In The Studio With The Legendary Silas Seandel by Marianne Litty | Incollect
there is a large stone in the grass near a fence and some sheep behind it
Gareth Hague on Twitter
a cement block with the word peace written in white chalk on it, sitting on a wooden floor
Time After Time After Time... - Eigen werk JM
there are no devil signs on this tree
Garden — The Lettering Arts Trust
Garden — The Lettering Arts Trust
there is a monument in the middle of some grass with trees on either side and bushes behind it
Garden — The Lettering Arts Trust
Garden — The Lettering Arts Trust
a person holding a rock with the word love written on it in front of some potted plants
Signature piece
Signature piece by Elwyn Brooks
Letters in Steen Symbols, Humour, Word Symbols, Humor
Letters in Steen
Letters in Steen