Moroccan lamb stew with roast sumac potatoes. Delicious Magazine Australia

Moroccan lamb stew with roast sumac potatoes

A hearty meal of fragrant lamb cooked in honey and cinnamon and served with crispy sumac-sprinkled potatoes.

Braised beef cheeks with salsa verde. Delicious Magazine Australia

Braised beef cheeks with salsa verde

Braised Beef Cheeks with Salsa Verde ~ As the nights turn colder, only comfort food will do. Warm up this winter with meltingly tender beef cheeks and creamy mashed potato topped with tangy salsa verde.

Zucchini fritters with prosciutto and bocconcini. Delicious Magazine Australia

Zucchini fritters with prosciutto and bocconcini salad

Create a gourmet dinner in minutes with these stylish zucchini fritters served with prosciutto and bocconcini.

Vegetarian spiced tomato Afghan pizza

Using Afghan bread as a base, this recipe beats pizza delivery, on speed and taste. There& a sneaky serve of vege, too.

30-minute beef bourguignon

"I love the flavours of a hearty beef bourguignon but sometimes you just want it 'now!' This quick version still has a rich depth of flavour, but comes together in a flash." - Valli Little

Sticky Irish-whiskey short ribs. Delicious Magazine Australia

Sticky Irish-whiskey short ribs

Beef short ribs Katie Quinn Davies slow-roasts them in Irish whiskey, muscovado sugar and malt vinegar, so that they become wonderfully sticky and sweet.

Bailey's Chocolate Mud Cake

The addition of Baileys give this decadent chocolate cake a rich, creamy flavour and just a bit of Irish magic.

Spiced pear, blueberry and almond shortcake

Bill Granger& shortcake pie puts every good early Autumn thing into a crumbly and impressive dessert.

Thai-style chicken wings with lemongrass and chilli

Get your hands dirty with Phoebe Wood& sticky thai-style chicken wings. Easy entertaining at its best.

Roast vegetable and chickpea loaf with cucumber raita. Delicious Magazine Australia

Roast vegetable and chickpea loaf with cucumber raita

A sophisticated vegetarian meal with ras el hanout - a medley of fragrant spices from North Africa.

Fried smashed potatoes with garlic and lemon. Delicious Magazine Australia

Fried smashed potatoes with garlic and lemon

Quinoa paella. Delicious Magazine Australia

Quinoa paella

Quinoa, instead of rice, is used in this dish for a modern twist on a Spanish classic.

Couscous with chickpeas, dried apricots, pistachios and marinated feta

This scrumptious couscous dish is perfect for a fresh and healthy mid-week salad. Couscous, feta, apricots and chickpeas

Flourless chocolate cake & berry trifle. Delicious Magazine Australia

Flourless chocolate cake & berry trifle

The combination of flourless chocolate cake, dreamy vanilla yoghurt and tangy berries proves that trifles don& have to be heavy.