T2 sporty ;)

Brand is Naketano. Style is Generation Junkie. I also like Der Gerat style. Cuter than the average sweatshirt! This looks super comfy!

Best For Ways To Lose Weight By Running

4 Moves to Say Goodbye to Saddlebags: okay guys if you have a big butt/saddle bags this will kill them. It burns like fire if you do it right. Ill be doing this everyday until my saddle bags are gone. I love the word saddlebags lol. Go to Dieting Digest

Simple Home Recipe To Lose Weight

Tuna Niçoise A lighter version of this classic main course salad with fresh tuna steak, eggs and new potatoes.

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Both my girls played from the age of for up to 10 years. Now my Granddaughters play.

Jamaica's Netball Team

The NCB Sunshine Savers Tri-Nation Series will have 3 of the top 10 ranked netball playing nations in the world competing over 4 days from November The teams include hosts Jamaica…