Channing Tatum<3 Hes what gets me thru the day<3

With this whole board of stunningly handsome men, Channing will always be my number one man! I absolutely adore this man!

Channing Tatum a la She's the Man. Perfection.

Channing Tatum in She’s The Man – Channing Tatum Movies


Farewell letter from

Casting main character: Channing Tatum is good enough to be Percy Jackson because he is funny and is always helping people. Channing is a actor in acting, just like Percy he fixing a problem that needs to get done.

Channing Tatum something about a man in uniform with a big gun

Channing Tatum something about a man in uniform with a big gun?

Farewell letter from

gq magazine 2012 man of the year photos tatum channing - Bing Images

Channing-Tatum - channing-tatum wallpaper Magic Mike sucked but love me some Channing Tatum


The Vampire Diaries Ian Somerhalder(Damon) Ahhh those arms

Liza Rae on

Ian Somerhalder/Damon salvatore (best vampire ever)

Hmm yeah

'Magic Mike' Guys: EW Portraits

Sorry about so much Channing, JUST saw Magic Mike today. and FML! his imperfections make him more sexy. mmmmmm prettiest sexy man I've ever thought was hot (if that makes sense)

Damon Salvatore, Most Gorgeous Vampire with Beautiful Eyes; The Vampire Diaries

I think Channing is the closest to how I see Brand.

Channing Tatum White House down Saw this movie today.

REST OF MY LIFE CRUSH! This summer crush is sexy and talented Channing Tatum! Who do you think should be our next summer crush ?

Ok, yes. He's Jet.

Young Americans - Ian Somerhalder: Wouldn't mind seeing him, even if it's in a Wake - Fan Forum

Jet. Sort of.

Ian Somerhalder / Damon - Vampire Diaries the man is so damn sexy it is ridiculous.

Brand. Sort of

i never do this and post guys on here. but he's perfect small guys who are ripped out of their mind.


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