Jeff Goldblum.

I have always thought that Jeff Goldblum is sexy! He is a very tall guy ( think about it). He has a very interesting mind which also makes him hot to me.

Joe Manganiello Ohhh, calm, calm take a deep breath.....he takes my breath away

Afternoon eye candy: Joe Manganiello (34 photos)

Alcide (True Blood) Not my favorite show but I had to pin fav character if it was.

Classic Hugh Grant~coffee shop

Hugh Grant / Actor / Black & White Photography by Gordon Parks


Matt Damon (b. [] Feature film credits / active since 1988 > Born Matthew Paige Damon Oct Cambridge, Massachusetts > Occupation: Actor, Producer, Screenwriter, Philanthropist > Spouse: Luciana Bozán Barroso (m.


I am aware that Colin Firth is a bit on the older side for me!DARCY in both Pride and Prejudice and Bridget Jones& Diary!

The Esquire Interview: Keanu Reeves -

The Esquire Interview: Keanu Reeves

The Matrix. For 25 years, Keanu Reeves has been one of the movie industry's most bankable stars. And he stays on top without ever losing his outsider cool