Dean and Cas

aka "I wasn't gonna mention it, but I love you and you are mine. I didn't think you'd want other people to know. Haha SAMs face in the last frame!>>> people think we write captions on these, nope, real lines.

This is one of my favorite episodes

Photo of I lost my shoe . =( for fans of Supernatural Quotes. When some gum gets stuck to Sam's shoe, he tries to scrape it of the sharp edges of a drain and it then gets loose and falls in.

Cas Is me And Misha is my spirit animal.

"Cas, you okay? It's just life is pointless and nothing matters and… It's amazing how many times they reference Parks and Rec

Jared Padalecki -his shoe!!!!!

I lost my shoe. This morning I flat-tired myself despite having pretty tight shoes on. I walked back to my dorm with my shoe half off and dragging in the snow. When I got in I just looked at my roommate with the sad moose face^

One of my fav episodes

It’s fine, I’m OK now…

FIGHT THE FAERIES! He was a douche sometimes, but Soulless Sam was freaking hysterical, man!<<<< I love soulless Sammy!


Supernatural<<I just recently watched this episode and noticed this too, I knew that he wasn't human

Supernatural Quote / Dean / Sam

{gif} I loved Dean so much in Swan Song, he was so brave, never giving up on Sammy, even near the end when he seemed lost.

When Sam and Dean correlated 'Carry on My Wayward Son' to their lives for the first time. GAH.

I kinda took this expression as these two wonderful actors showing the audience what they and the show really mean to them.>>>> God this episode made me laugh and flail and fan girl and cry so much

Supernatural - Life in Motel Rooms (Deleted Scene). I love this sooo much!

Supernatural - Life in Motel Rooms (Deleted Scene).I almost just died laughing.This is absolute perfection. How they didn't break character. I have no idea.