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the blue flowers are growing on the side of the road in front of some plants
Evolvolus Pilosus or 'Blue Daze': a beautiful ground cover that is covered with small blue flowers in the summer months!
a single pink flower with green leaves
Beautiful flowers: Photo
Camellias are the closest thing we can find to perfection here on earth!
some red flowers hanging from a tree branch
Callistemon, a beautiful tree that the birds can't get enough of, it is a tough native that is drought tolerant.
a potted plant with pink flowers sitting on a table in front of a window
Spring Flowers and Some Visitors
Potted azalea in the house, oh my, yes please!
pink flowers and green leaves on a bush
PlantFiles Pictures: Grevillea Cultivar 'Long John' (Grevillea) by palmbob
Grevillea 'Long John', drought tolerant and BEAUTIFUL.
purple trees line the street in front of benches and picnic tables on either side of the road
Jacaranda trees are as iconic as they are beautiful.
a pink door is in front of a white house with purple flowers on the outside
Social Profit Machine | Social Traffic Made Easy
Bougainvilleas are a stunning centre piece, this brightly painted door only further draws the eye to this wow factor!
blue flowers are blooming in the garden
Agapanthus. What a show off! Drought tolerant to boot! Add a row of these for cottage charm to any garden.
the flowers are blooming all over the place and it is hard to tell what color they are
𝒜𝓃𝒶 ℛℴ𝓈𝒶
What an incredible backdrop Azaleas can create when used effectively.
three baskets filled with flowers sitting on top of a wooden floor next to a bench
Disse blomstene holder seg vakre hele høsten
Love the colours of lavender planted in wicker baskets in this porch!
some very pretty plants in the grass
Bromeliads are an exciting splash of colour!
purple and green plants in front of a building
Aménagement paysager moderne : 100+ idées de design jardin paysager
Effective use of layering with lavender to create an interesting and beautiful backdrop!
an assortment of succulents and other plants in a garden
Vote for the Best Amateur Garden in the Gardenista Considered Design Awards - Gardenista
Agave and Aloevera play a starring role in this beautifully drought tolerant garden.
an outdoor patio with stone steps and landscaping
New and Fresh Interior Design Ideas for Your Home
Amazing garden walkway
herbs are hanging on the wall next to an old door handle and knobs,
Friday Favorites #78 - Living Vintage
What a great idea to use old door knobs to dry herbs!