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Australian Dot Painting: Australia Craft for kids to learn about Aborigine culture as part of an Australia unit study

Kids Craft Ideas: Aboriginal Dot Painting (with Video) ⋆ Sugar, Spice and Glitter

Kids Craft Ideas: Australia Craft for kids to learn about Australia through Aboriginal dot painting. Great craft for fine motor development

Art with Ms. Gram: Artome Projects Begin!

Artome Projects Begin!

Over the past two months I have been so ridiculously busy. Designing our school's yearbook from scratch (and heading several fundraisers in support of it) has been a VERY time consuming process. But the show must go on! :) Picture from our artome show LAST year. These past couple of weeks I've begun working on my artome projects with my kids. If you don't already know, Artome is a youth art show provider (and a great fundraiser for your school). First the company sends you "artome paper"…

Make your own Didgeridoo out of a wrapping paper tube.

Cardboard Tube Didgeridoo

This summer we attended a program put on by Didg Revolution at our local library. It was great and both kids absolutely loved it. When we got home later Cole & I decided to try to make our own Didgeridoo. Didgeridoo Supply List: 1 wrapping paper tube, stickers & markers, packing tape Use the stickers and markers to decorate your Didgeridoo. I tried to encourage him to use the dot stickers to make it look like aboriginal art like they showed us at the program. Wrap packing tape around the…

Artsy Craftsy Mom: Australian aboriginal art

Australian aboriginal art

Australian aboriginal art has been around for many years. Aboriginal rock paintings are a fun way and tell the stories of the Autralian continent

Montessori Design: boomerang art

boomerang art

For our Australia study this year we talked a lot about the animals, the land, and the native people the Aborigines. We looked at many pictures of their art and paintings first and read books about their culture and how they used boomerangs to hunt! (which was news to me!) We made these boomerangs and they were a hit! I cut the shape out of brown poster board and showed them at circle time different ways to do it. I wish I had some pictures of theirs to post on here! Everyone's was so…

Aboriginal Art

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