Planting for the front garden

A Mediterranean planting scheme with santolina, iris and rosemary in groups on dry stone walls. front garden look and feel

Combinaciones de materiales que agradan, equilibrio y sobriedad para indicar recorridos......:). Wonderland Park Residence - Fiore Landscape Design

Wonderland Park Residence - Fiore Landscape Design - not sure where those steps lead but - nice :-)

No you're not going crazy. This is not yesterday's post. Thanks to a reader's comment I'm stalk...

A beautiful concrete house on the Victorian surf coast in Torquay, Australia. Idealised by Auhaus Architecture, the 4 bedroom family house has been designed as a walled sanctuary, opening up onto itself and allowing stunning views onto wetl

Photo courtesy [Fiona Brockhoff Design](|target="_blank").

Women In Design: Landscape Designer Fiona Brockhoff

Photo courtesy [Fiona Brockhoff Design](|target="_blank").

Blue Chalk is a spreading succulent with a distinct “blue” shade and interesting texture. Use as a ground-cover, in pots, as a border and to add contrast.

Senecio Mandraliscae Blue Chalk SticksBlue chalk sticks is an attractive easy care succulent with chalky blue-green finger shaped leaves. This plant works well in borders, containers and rock gardens. Can also be used as a house plant.

Amazing Rock Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard Styles Inspiring ...

Amazing Rock Landscaping Ideas For Front Yard Styles Inspiring … I love the idea of big rocks for landscaping, less large shrubs and more pops of color from small flowering plants.

10 Landscaping Ideas For Using Stepping Stones In Your Garden // These large…

modern version of your this 10 Ideas for Stepping Stones in Your Garden // These large stones allow you get from one part of the yard to the outdoor shower without getting gravel stuck in between your toes, and without harming the plants.

#peterfudge, Dichondra, flagstone and decomposed granite ground cover.                                                                                                                                                      More

Dichondra silver falls ground cover with Agave 'El Miradores Gold' and Senecio serpens (chalksticks)