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an old photo of a bar in the middle of a room with colorful walls and ceilings
mad to live, mad to talk
Whitey’s Wonder Bar and Cafe, East Grand Forks, Minnesota, USA, 1930
the inside of an office building with colorful decorations on the floor and stairs leading up to it
Children's Nebraska
Specialty Pediatric Center, Omaha Children's Hospital and Medical Center.
an architectural rendering of a modern building
New Hospital Tower Rush University Medical Center / Perkins&Will
New Hospital Tower Rush University Medical Center / Perkins + Will
a hospital room decorated in bright colors with underwater decorations on the walls and flooring
A "yellow submarine" MRI machine at Children's National Medical Center!
the children's hospital room has an underwater theme
the lobby is clean and ready for customers to use
Power Players in Healthcare Design: HDR
Power Players in Healthcare Design: HDR | Companies | Interior Design
a dimly lit bar with couches and tables
Cocktail bar, "Le Ballroom du Beefclub"
an empty bar with lots of bottles on the shelves
Reiss Editorial Home
Epernay Champagne & Cocktail Bar
a drink sitting on top of a wooden table
A taste of East London's Dalston at Ruby's Cocktail Bar
Ruby's cocktail bar
the city lights shine brightly at night in this photo
Sunset over Atlanta
Atlanta, Georgia. Fantastic town with lots to do....great sightseeing, wonderful shopping and fantastic restaurants.
the inside of a restaurant with tables, chairs and people walking in front of it
restaurants cafes on pinterest | Stores, cafés and restaurants / Epicures of Hyndland (Glasgow)
an empty bar with several stools and bottles on the wall behind it in a dimly lit room
Top Sushi Eats - Opening a restaurant, do you know the one simple way to succeed when opening a restaurant of any type? Just missing one step makes real success impossible.
a restaurant with wooden walls and leather booths
Bungalow Classic
restaurants - Nicole Franzen Photography
the interior of a modern building with spirally white walls and stairs in front of it
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#stairs #architecture
the inside of a building with white and blue decorations on it's ceiling,
Love this design and color!