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Some of you may have heard the “buzz” going around about bee pollen (pun intended) and thought, “did you say bee pollen?” Yes, you heard right. Bee pollen, as in the pollen nectar from flowers, tha…

Bee Pollen Health Benefits – The Secret Health Benefit To Adding Bee Pollen To Your Diet - The health benefits of bee pollen. We do know that antioxidants scavenge free radical molecules, neutralizing them before they can damage cellular membranes

.I dare you! My dobie had one ear that didn't stand added character.

I miss our Doberman, Ruger. What a great dog he was! Left this in for the person that pinned it originally - My bit is just to let you know that EVERY Doberman I ever met was a cuddly bundle of niceness -remember- NO bad dogs, just bad OWNERS XX

Among the nutrients Beepollen contain are:    16 Vitamins, 28 Minerals, 11 Enzymes and Co-Enzymes, 19 Amino Acids .       Source for Information:

Bee pollen benefits athlete's in particular as a natural performance enhancer that decreases recovery time. The greatest benefits of taking bee pollen granules come from daily use in generous amounts.