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Dogs are dressing up again and it's a welcome change from the past. No longer content to live on the fringe style-conscious canines are making statements and…
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a woman sitting on top of a balcony next to two poodles and a dog
Posh Pom-Pom Accessories
Posh Pom-Pom Accessories : Zoltan Guga Grand Poodle Collection
a small black dog wearing a silver chain collar with bells on it's neck
Amolife | Latest Magazine, Stories, Online Media News
"Karat Instikte" Vogue Germany september 2001 . Photographer: Torkil Gudnason
a small dog wearing pink boots and a hat
Best friends come in small packages
keeping toasty
a pug dog wearing a furry hat and scarf on top of it's head
Bungalow Classic
Is it cold outside?
a small dog with big blue eyes standing in the grass
Dogster: Dog Care & Health Guides by Veterinarians & Pet Lovers
Keep your eyes off my jewels!
a dog wearing an owl costume laying on top of a bed
What a hoot :-)
a dachshund dog wearing a white hat and pearls on it's neck
Diamonds and pearls...
a dachshund dog wearing a black hat
Inspiring Photo: Diva Dachshund #10162543
Top that!
a brown dog wearing a yellow knitted hat
a small white dog wearing a beaded headband and beads on it's neck
Marissa Collections Blog
a white dog with red hair and gold bracelets on it's neck looking to the side
Daily Inspirations no. 102
two poodle dogs wearing orange hats and coats
ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other
It's tangerine darling!
a white dog wearing a bow tie sitting next to a table with a lamp on it
Acquired to Scale Ecommerce Operations
I hope she likes me!
two golden retrievers wearing knitted hats in the snow
Bianca Barbosa
Warm as toast!
a dog wearing a tie with the british flag on it
British Bulldog
a small black and white dog wearing a sweater
NYC Brussels Griffon
Winter woollies!
the dog is wearing a sweater and looking at the camera while sitting on a rock
a dog wearing a miss meerbull sash sitting on top of a wooden bench
Beauty Queen!
a small dog is dressed in yellow feathers - A blog about stylish dog products and fashion
"Lady Dogiva"
a dog wearing sunglasses and a scarf
Casual chic..
a dog wearing a pink party hat and feather boa
Party dog.
a dog dressed up in a costume with a bat on it's chest and cape
My Hero | Happy Howl-o-ween | Kira DeDecker Photography – Phoenix Arizona
a dog wearing a bow tie sitting in the grass
Cape Cod Collegiate
Looking Dapper!
a pug dressed in a suit and tie with sunglasses on his head, wearing a hat - A blog about stylish dog products and fashion
Karl Lagerfeld?
a small dog wearing a hat with feathers on it's head and beads around its neck
another sweetie from Milk and Pepper - impossibly gorgeous!
a woman holding a dog in her arms and wearing a hat with feathers on it
Race Day!
a dog wearing a bow tie sitting on top of a woman's lap in an office
Trying to do work but cannot due to photos of Levi in his bowtie
a small dog sitting in the grass with a butterfly on its head
New from Puppylocks!
A subtle accessory looks fab!