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Special occasions, we all love them. A chance to express our personalities, exchange tails, bark at the moon and finish off with a little hair of the dog.
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a small dog sitting next to a woman in high heels
Weddbook Pets - Weddbook | Weddbook.com
a small black and white dog wearing a birthday hat with candles on it's top
birthday embarrassment
a golden retriever wearing a black and white collar
Style, Hot Trends, Love, Horoscopes, and More | MSN Lifestyle
Adorable ring bearer on duty!
a small white dog with a pink bow tie on it's neck standing between two women
Adorable Dog Wedding Outfits & Accessories You'll Love
Lovin the pink tie! Too cute! #dog #wedding
two dogs sitting next to each other in the grass with signs that say save the date
20 Dapper Wedding Accessories for Your Dog
Super cute save the date with adorable family dogs!
a pug wearing a suit and tie with a red flower in his lapel
dogs in wedding ceremony Archives - Spa Week Daily
He is so dapper with his red boutonniere!
a dog sitting in the grass with a basket on its mouth and collar around it's neck
Canine Ring Bearers - Capers Catering
Cute lab as a #ringbearer! This blog post has other cute canine inspirations!
a bride and groom kissing their dog outside
Decorella: April 2010
a man in a tuxedo petting a white dog wearing a bow tie
cutie's ready to get hitched! #dog
a woman in a wedding dress is playing with her dog outside on the dirt road
Blog - Bella Baxter Special Events
Wedding kisses
a group of women in pink dresses standing next to a dog
Blog - Bella Baxter Special Events - Page 2
One of the girls
a dog standing next to a woman in white dress holding a flower bouquet on her leash
Blog - Bella Baxter Special Events - Page 2
Basset and Bride
an english bulldog wearing a floral collar in the grass with lemons on it's neck
Blog - Bella Baxter Special Events - Page 2
Mr. Fancy #wedding #dog
a close up of a dog's nose with a ring on it's nose
Blog - Bella Baxter Special Events
The ring bearer!