mass plantings contrasting shades of green - Secret Gardens of Sydney

Cool colours and beautiful textures with small leafed Westringia and Santolina(?) by Secret Gardens of Sydney. Not only do fine-leaved plants withstand heavy coastal winds, but they look great when mass planted adjacent to other fine-leaved plants.

Facing south are plants that can cope with poor and dry soils, like Crowea ‘Festival’, Lomandra cylindrica ‘Lime Cascade’ and Westringia spp

Perched on the top of a windswept hill in the Hunter Valley, this Australian native garden started with some lofty goals: to offer beautiful views from the house;


30 Garden Design Ideas to Style up Your Backyard (II)

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merging sleepers and boulders to create both a retaining wall and a bench seat - from iconic Australian landscape architect Ellis Stone.

Iconic Australian Landscape Architects – Ellis Stones

Ocean Road Landscapes - award winning garden 2014 - plants

Winning "Plants In The Landscape" -Landscape Industries Victoria 2014 Awards

Hampton, Victoria

Transform your garden into an area that is productive for both you and for the environment. Use your space to benefit the environment by creating an Australian habitat as nature intended.

The Garden Vineyard Moorooduc

Clipped Westringea fruticosa - Coastal Rosemary and the wild, soft Poa spp. Tussock Grass // Zone 1 // Front garden bush or hedge.