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a donkey wearing glasses with the caption politicians and diapers must be changed often, and for the same reason
Heifers Club 𓃾 | 😆 | Facebook
a cow with a tag on it's face and the caption says, the more you weigh, the harder you are to khap stay safe eat cake
Cow Obsessed 🐄🐮 | Facebook
Cow Obsessed 🐄🐮 | Facebook
a cartoon cow with an angry look on it's face and the caption, it was a rough week but i didn't need bail money so there is that
three black and white cows wearing sun glasses in front of a flowered field with the caption, i love cows follow my kids laugh because they think i'm crazy
a brown and white cow with flowers on its head standing in the middle of a field
a cow with it's mouth wide open in the middle of a hay field that says, life is short smile while you still have teeth
two cartoon cows looking over a fence with the caption, i'm not mean i'm brutaly honest
a cow holding a glass of wine with the caption, my four moods
a black and white cow has its face painted to look like it is looking at the camera