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Seaweed by *MerBellas on deviantART

Mermaid Raven of Merbella Studios flaunting her gorgeous mermaid bra creations 😍 this one is made of silicone and made to look like seaweed! Perfect match for any mermaid tail!

"B-L-U-E" mermaid art by phatpuppy

Yemaya: Primarily considered an African-Brazilian Goddess, she was considered the source of all water, the source of all life and was prayed to for fertility and for aid with childbirth. (PISCES: Moon, Saturn in house of Cancer ruled HOME)

GREEN WITCH Fine Art Print Aqua Ocean Goddess by spalenka

In Buddhism, the “four great elements” (Pali: cattaro mahabhutani) are earth, water, fire and air. Hinduism adds a fifth “great” or “gross” element. Air – moves us Fire – transforms us Water – shapes us Earth – heals us shares