Mr Golliwog, one of these was my first toy. I have pictures of me in my pram with it.

Mr Golliwog, one of my first toys. A black rag doll such as the red haired Raggedy Andy which was taken from children's story book characters. These dolls were beloved by many including myself.

A rag doll, usually called a Golliwog, Golliwogg, or Golly, is typically a rag doll with a black face and distinctive white rimmed eyes. Political opinions vary as to whether or not the Golliwog represents racism, though history shows they were beloved dolls, as popular as the teddy bear, and considered suitable soft toys for young boys.

A rag doll, his face a caricature of a black person, in a toy store, holding copies of himself in his lap and more copies in a basket.

Raspberry 41cm

Raspberry 41cm