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Omar T.
"On Sep. 2020, my weight was 131 kg. Now, on Jan. 2021, it’s 99 Kg and is willing to reach 90! I started back then with Intermittent Fasting and Low Carb diet, OMAD with low-calorie intake. Every week, I do a 48-hr fast. 3 times a week, weight lifting, HIIT, or walking for 10,000 steps. I know some people say that it's hard on me, but it's the only way that helped me!" - Omar T.
LaMont T.'s Success Story
"I lost 115lbs in 1 year doing intermittent fasting. My highest weight was 335 lbs. Now I'm currently weighing 220 lbs. I knew that I had to change my diet and change my mindset on how to lose 115 lbs as I did. I started out doing the 16:8 fasting window and I started to lose weight significantly. I started to do High Intensive Interval Training 4 to 5 days per week. I did 20 hours of fasting for a long time. Then OMAD and then prolonged fasting up to 5 days at one point." - LaMont T.
Michael's Success Story
"Never been technically overweight but would consume about 2 lbs of sugar a week with my wife in coffee. Two people who didn't know each other introduced me to keto. Then your videos. I wish I knew this in high school. I'm 44 now. My athletic abilities would have been just enough better to put me on top. I digressed. 6'5" floating around 210 most of my adult life. Because I would starve if it went above. I'm now 184. Without trying. Your videos made the difference." - Michael M.
Robert's Success Story
"On November 1st, 2019 I was told about Dr. Berg. I watched a few videos and thought I’d give it a try. Exactly one year later I was down to 205 lbs from 315 lbs. A 110 lb loss. I am now 200lbs exactly and feel amazing. I now have a Facebook page and try to help everyone achieve what I have on Facebook and in person. I start by telling them about Dr. Berg." - Robert G.
Ari's Success Story
"Before: Male: 38 years old. Height: 180 cm or 5.9'', weight: 275 lbs. Now, I am 160 lbs. I have lost 115 lbs in 4 months (120 days) doing clean keto and IF. I was at 275 lbs on 20, October 2020 when I started to follow Dr. Berg on YouTube, and on 20 Feb 2021 after 4 months in total, I lost 115 lbs. Now my self-confidence is back, my size from XXL is down to Small or XS, and my jean size from 44w is down to 29w. best of all no loose skin!" - Ari
Kristaps Abolins' Success Story
"Hi! Thanks to your videos and keto diet, I lost 30 kilograms in 8 months. My weight was 125kg and now it is 94 but it is not over, because I want to get under 90kg. I also do intermittent fasting 5 days a week and couple of times a month prolonged fasting. Thank you for all your videos, they helped me a lot to get these amazing results." - Kristaps Abolins
Ron Ramirez's Success Story
"When I started fasting, I didn’t know how to adjust my diet; I am just starving myself. However, with your info, along with other sources, I applied a ketogenic diet, 18-22 hours fast and running. My diet also takes the glycemic index of foods; not just calories (at least 1500 kcal/day). I have managed to keep the weight off for 2 years now. I did find that I had an uptick of weight gain after about 70 lbs without changing my regimen. " - Ron Ramirez
Helen Butcher's Success Story
"Hi, I'm Helene. I am 50 and from Ludlow, England. I discovered the keto diet from a close friend who uses Dr. Berg's work for his own health issues with success. I have problems with my weight, I was 3 stones over my ideal weight. I started keto in April and within a month I had lost 1 stone in weight and felt better. My skin cleared up and I had a glow on my face." - Helen Butcher
Bill Parham's Success Story
"I came across Dr. Berg's videos back in March of 2021 while searching for a solution to correcting eye floaters. Found video by Dr. Berg that suggested MSM. It worked very quickly. So, I began watching more of his videos and decided to give his healthy eating plan a try. Down 80+ pounds so far. So thankful that I'm so much healthier. It is nice to be in control of what I eat instead of what I eat being in charge of me. I appreciate Dr. Berg's YouTube videos and products." - Bill Parham
Hacene Djelid's Success Story
"I read other people's success stories with Healthy Keto and thought I'd try it. Guess what? That changed my life and the life of my family. We all feel healthier, happier, and have more energy than ever. I lost 52 lbs. within 5 months. I want to thank Dr. Berg for his wonderful and very thorough videos which are doing miracles in helping people around the world (Yes! Around the world!). Felt normal again." - Hacene Djelid
Shweta Nikam's Success Story
"I started keto start of April 2021, I lost 22 pounds in the first 3 months of the clean keto diet. Initially, I fasted for 14-16 sometimes 18 hours but I stalled quite a bit. So I stopped IF all days and started doing it a few times a week mostly 16 hours IF and added a 21-48 hour fast once a month. I made mistakes by not doing too much IF, too many keto-friendly snacks, not logging my food, not counting portions, and not sleeping enough!" - Shweta Nikam
Adriana's Success Story
"In my early 20s, I started gaining weight after my child was born, (I was 27) and I reached 200 lbs. I have been making changes for a few years but this year finally decided to go in full keto, I’m doing OMAD and lost a total of 70 lbs (I’m 36 now)… amazing!" - Adriana
Fran Bronski's Success Story
"I went up and down with my weight since I was 15. I would eat anything - fast food, candy, chips, and processed food - all winter then diet in the spring. I was a sugar junkie. In 9 months, I was down 80 lbs. Now, I am obsessed with health and try to help others. I love to run and stretch and lift weights and research anything I can on living my best life. I feel like I’m 20 again. Thank you, Dr Berg." - Fran Bronski
Mark DeMiere's Success Story
"I decided about 7 months ago to start keto and IF. What made me start was my desire to repair my body from years of drinking beer and eating unhealthy food. I weighed 187 lbs and currently weigh 147 lbs. I've noticed my body feeling better than it's felt in many years or possibly the best I've ever remembered feeling. Along with my new keto diet, I've implemented IF, and also began weight training and running again. It's great to feel how these changes have improved my life." - Mark DeMiere
Mani Azimipour's Success Story
"Over a year ago, I went through a family crisis and my mental health was really bad. With this came the bad eating habits, which I more or less had been doing my whole life. My weight has dropped from 104kg to 81kg. I feel so much better both physically and mentally. I’m a better father and husband, I’m a better teacher to my first graders at work and at a much better place in life, big thank you! Much love from Sweden!" - Mani Azimipour