Pookie by Ivy L. Wallace. Loved this book as a child and then my own little Pookie came into my life.

The first Pookie adventure of the flying rabbit, by Ivy L. Originally published in

Pookie the winged rabbit by Ivy L. Wallace

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Pookie - such a classic book. I love these Pookie books, so cute.

Bunny Rabbits - Children's Book Illustrations "Pookie in Search of a Home", written and illustrated by Ivy L.

This little rabbit with wings was a favourite of my childhood. This illustration is from 'Pookie And The Swallows' by Ivy L. Wallace. Pookie lives with Belinda in Bluebell Wood......Belle and Boo, years down the line, seem to echo this same protective relationship that's so appealing.

This illustration is from 'Pookie And The Swallows' by Ivy L. Pookie lives with Belinda in Bluebell Wood. Swallows and a bunny!

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Ok, there are pixies and elves and woodland folk, but the stories of Pookie the winged rabbit who comes to live in the woods were very much loved in the

Oh how I loved Pookie when I was little ...

Victoria Stitch: Pookie the Rabbit with Wings Ah! His wings have gone tiny! He needs Belinda!

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