paper & pipecleaner butterflies

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australian aboriginal art | rock painting: Australian Aboriginal art -- Kids Encyclopedia ...

An Australian Aboriginal rock painting depicts a lizardlike animal, near Hawker, South Australia.

Australia: Aboriginal Turtle

Craft projects from Michael's Crafts stores online Australia: Aboriginal Turtle Create an artistic Aboriginal turtle with cardstock and craft paint.

"Big Rain Coming" by Katrina Germein. As one dry day follows another in the Australian outback, everyone and everything is waiting for the rain. Rosie’s kids, the panting dogs, the fat green frogs, and Old Stephen all do what they can to keep cool as they wait. Beautiful full-color artwork & spare text evoke the long wait, & the jubilant relief when the rain finally arrives. The illustrations feature imagery from Aboriginal mythology. An especially striking picture book.

Big Rain Coming Katrina Germein. illustrations Bronwyn Bancroft "Everyone and everything is waiting for the rain. Rosie's kids, the panting dogs, the green frogs, and Old Stephen, for he predicts its arrival. But when will the big rain come?