Nestled between the back door and a mudroom that transitions into the kitchen, this small laundry room includes two walls of floor-to-ceiling storage to accommodate a busy family.

Small-Space Laundry with Pretty Storage

A small space laundry room makeover in a closet. A roundup of stylish small space laundry rooms featuring counter tops, shelves and sorting stations.

The natural inclination in this sort of laundry room would be to place the appliances under the windows. But these homeowners gained much more storage and work space by shifting that by a half turn, placing a long work counter under the window with cabinets and a shelf above the washer-dryer combo. Think about narrow areas differently to gain more laundry options: A pull-down drying rack saves space by folding up when not in use.

Creative Laundry Room Cabinetry Ideas

Laundry room cabinets give you more storage and style out of your washer-dryer space. Design smart laundry room cabinetry with our helpful tips.

50 Beautiful and Functional Laundry Room Design Ideas

50 Beautiful and Functional Laundry Room Design Ideas

Full height cabinetry allows for easy concealment of brooms/mops/vacuum cleaner. Having the washer and dryer separated creates more benchspace in an already tight area. Perhaps framing the dryer with cabinetry would create a more streamlined look.

If open door space is at a premium, consider sliders or bi-fold options to conserve square footage, especially if your laundry space is accessed frequently. Open shelves in this laundry area eliminate the need for even more open-door space.

Creative Laundry Room Cabinetry Ideas

Bluevine Comments: Add folding door over the washer dryer and open space to a laundry power room combo. Stacked washer and dryer with shelving in a hall closet. So convenient!

For more expansive laundry spaces, you may have room for the little extras -- a hanging rod, for example, or open shelves for laundry baskets. This pretty assembly keeps the space looking neat and tidy with a few extras, including mullions on the glass doors, uniformly colored containers, and restrained punches of pattern and color.

Creative Laundry Room Cabinetry Ideas

Create tons of storage in your laundry room with these great cabinet ideas. These cabinets will make your laundry room look stylish, clean, and organized.

The traditional setup in nearly every room is to leave some space between cabinet and countertop. This laundry room makes use of that usually discarded area with slim storage cabinets, perfect for smaller laundry care items. Decorative drawer pulls add interesting accents, and the clever pet door under the sink supplies a hiding spot for the family’s furry friend.

Creative Laundry Room Cabinetry Ideas

What a gorgeous laundry room! Love the farmhouse sink and the stained wood counter top! I love the cat door under the sink that hides the liter box.

Using laundry cabinets to repeat other details in the space helps to create visual cohesion. Here, the horizontal open shelves mimic the subway tile and add a few crucial storage inches to the off-the-shelf cabinets.

Creative Laundry Room Cabinetry Ideas

Get more storage and style out of your washer-dryer space with inventive, design-smart laundry room cabinetry ideas.

An oddly angled space could have easily been a throwaway, but a unique combination of cabinets helped to turn it into a practical, pretty laundry room. No upper cabinets help to keep the room bright and sunny, while a corner sink-cabinet combo offers essential storage. On a slim pass-through wall, a narrow cabinet pulls out to reveal an ironing board; closed, it's the home's message center.

Creative Laundry Room Cabinetry Ideas

I would love to have a bright, cheery, laundry room like this. Love the color of the walls and the window treatment. The cabinetry is very nice too. I keep a neat laundry room, so I would really like this!

Beautiful And Functional Laundry Room Design Ideas (7)

Beautiful And Functional Laundry Room Design Ideas (7

These industrial pull-up cabinet doors are easy to operate, chic, and space savers. The design complements the modern minimalist interiors.

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When it comes to laundry storage solutions for keeping laundry rooms tidy and organized, there are so many options ranging from rolling caddy in between th

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