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Having a beautiful mitered binding on a quilt is the perfect finishing touch and the part I love the most. There are different ways to produce a binding like this – I prefer to stitch my bin…
Learn how to bind a quilt with easy mitered corners. Follow my step-by-step binding instructions and illustrations to sew a perfect binding, every time.
Another way to make sure you are sewing your strips straight.  Brought to us by Bonnie Hunter...what a great idea!


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This is an amazing strip quilt tutorial. I made a quilt using this method and I love how it turned out!!
Making a perfect block every time - youtube


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Learn how to make a quilt sandwich before basting and quilting your project. Includes details to help hand quilters and machine quilters.
Baste using pipe insulation
Learn how to baste a quilt with safety pins to prepare the project for quilting on a sewing machine.


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Learn how to do Big Stitch Quilting - an easy and fun hand quilting technique. It's super fun and forgiving - great for beginners.
The Silly BooDilly: A Stitch a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Learn how to hand quilt with this tutorial. There's just nothing quite as special something that is hand quilted. I have two quilts that were made at quilting bees 75 to 100 years ago. The quilts are made out of old flour and feed sacks. These quilts were made with love, a few pricked fingers and lots of laughs by my Grandmother and her friends. You just can't replace a treasure like these!

Hand Quilting

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Quilting 1/4 from the seams: So simple. I'll have to remember this next time I'm on the long arm with a block quilt.
Ruin Quilt, Stippling, Lori Kennedy
Learn some of the basics of quilting to help get you started if you're a beginning quilter.

Machine Quilting

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Quilting rulers come in all different sizes and shapes. Heather Thomas will teach you how to use them properly by explaining what all of the different hash lines on them are for as well as the diagonal lines.
How to Use Quilting Rulers Properly | National Quilters Circle
peace.love.quilt: My New Favourite Quilting Tool


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a blue and white cloth with circular designs on it
Traveller's Blanket On-Line Class
Goodness I have been chilled to the bone these last few days at Chartres and meanwhile fire warnings were out not so far from where my shed ...
an embroidery project with oranges and white circles on a yellow fabric covered tablecloth
When a background fabric can become a clever template for modern embroidery
a piece of art that is made out of strips of fabric and yarn with different colors
textile/pattern/ornaments - trendatelier: sierra leone textiles
Handwoven West African fabric - from the book African Textiles by John Gillow, that showcases some of the most beautiful weaving, dyeing, and embroidery techniques used in textile history.
a blue and white rug with squares on the bottom, in different sizes and colors
Quilter's Pastiche: Photo
Just think, not-too-narrow stripes from worn men's shirts from the thrift shop. Broken link to an item for sale, called Gherardo, at the ABC Carpet and Home site. Via the great tumblr, Quilter's Pastiche
a close up view of a quilted table topper with circles and squares on it
Quilting Details
Quilting 1/4 from the seams: So simple. I'll have to remember this next time I'm on the long arm with a block quilt.
the sewing machine is sitting on the table next to the quilts and fabrics that have been sewn together
so resourceful
how to sew patchwork blocks together so all the seams line up. Brilliant tutorial.
a poster with different colors and sizes for each type of quilter's block
The Ultimate Guide To Quilt Sizes - Suzy Quilts
Quilts come in all shapes and sizes. As far as quilts are concerned, there is no “right” size. Some are square, some rectangular, some of mine have accidentally become rhombus in shape. When it comes to size, the only question you should care about is, “What do I want and what am I going to …
a multicolored quilt sitting on top of a wooden chair
rainbow baby quilt.
rainbow half square triangles quilts. Simple yet bold quilt with the perfect choice of binding fabric.
a multicolored quilt hanging on the side of a white wooden wall next to a ladder
Sew Cute Tuesday - Home - Blossom Heart Quilts
Half Square Triangle Quilt
a quilt hanging on a wooden rail in front of some grass and trees with green leaves
Bloggers Quilt Festival 2013
Gorgeous quilt to learn quilting with - Sawtooth Star Quilt #sawtoothstar #quilt #star xxx
the cover of quilting color theory how to choose the best colors for your quilts
Sign up for the FREE National Quilters Circle newsletter and receive a digital download of the "Quilting Color Theory: How to Choose the Best Colors for Your Quilts" guide. In this guide, you will learn the basic principles of color theory and how to practically apply them to your own quilt work. This guide offers easy-to-follow tips that will help you select colors that are well balanced and pleasing to the eye.